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Group Honors

December, 1987 "Liangfeng" Mylikes milk chocolate obtains "The national excellent Product in light industry".

July, 1991  The export advanced unit in nation light industry during "7.5" period.

May, 2006  Participated in the formulation of the industry standard of cocoa butter substitute chocolate and cocoa butter substitute chocolate products.

March, 2005  The national great leading enterprise in agriculture industrialization.

March, 2007 TRESORDORE, " Liangfeng" obtain "Jiangsu province famous trademark".

December, 2015  Liangfeng Group obtain  BRC certification.

November, 2016  Liangfeng Group obtain   "Three Identities" Demonstration Enterprise for Food Export.

May, 2017  Participated in the formulation of the national standard of Chocolate and Chocolate Products (GB/T19343).

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